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For many years our company is cooperating with many brands which are producing and assembling kitchen furniture. We offer range of kitchen fronts - in rich colors, and various finishing, also with special effects. We offer modern or traditional solutions - all depends on customers needs. Our fronts are elegant and carefully made products.

We also propose custom products, all fitted to customers need and expectations.

Orders are being finished quickly and in high quality.

We are ready to cooperate with furniture companies, manufacturers and any firm from interior development market.

It is possible to buy ICA, RAL and Renner samples.

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Special effects

These are unique varnish products made for customers that are looking for more than just average covering lacquers. It’s a wide range of really interesting and inspiring products, handy for interior architects and various utilitarian article designers. All products of these series may be used on grounds varnished with offered polyutherane and polyester base. Examples of special effects:

MADREPERLATO - Nacre effect is attained by using MP polyutherane lacquers, containing pigments that create nacre-like lustres and glints. They appear in several variations that differ in granulation. Also we offer chamois nacre. Coat is colorless. Final color is step brighter than the color used underneath the nacre. It can be used on wood, plastic and glass.

METALLIZZATO - Metal glance effect is result of using single-component VM lacquer, which occurs in a plated-like surface. Available in various colors and granulation. It can be used on wood, plastic and glass.

CERAMICA - The ceramic effect is attained by covering wood, plastic or glass with pigmented polyurethane CR lacquer which creates craters on surface, through which is visible foundation of other color - this imitates ceramic really well. Surface is highly scratch resistant. Available in any color from ICA, RAL and NCS palette.

TESTURIZZATI - Texture effect consists on covering wood, glass, or plastic with colorless or pigmented polyutherane lacquer which creates texture with metal-like glints. There are two types of lacquers: TS - Mate texture TSBR - Glinting texture, with highly scratch resistant surface. Available in high variety of colors.

SCREPOLANTI - Fissure effect is attained by using colorless or pigmented single-component SC lacquer.

Fissures are not only visible, but also palpable. Colorless lacquer gives old fissured surface effect. It is possible to use pigmented SC lacquer (also gold or copper) on contrastive foundation.

This solution is often used in a ‘’decoupage’’ method.

Special offersChoose kitchen colorDesign trends - what's fashionableOffer online

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